August 19, 2014


How long has the Academy been in business?
The Academy was founded in 1975.

Is there a Registration Fee?
The Oak Ridge Academy of Dance does not require a registration fee.

How do I Register?
Registration is taken over the phone, online, and at the Academy during office hours of operation.

How is tuition payable?
The ORAD accepts personal checks, cash and credit card. Tuition is paid on a monthly, semi or full year basis.

Does Acceptance into the Academy require a signed contract for the entire year?
There is an individual payment plan as specified through the office, which is signed by the person responsible for fees. ORAD policy is negotiable with students who do not complete the year. All financial obligations are for classes, costumes and individualized programs. Throughout the school term classes can be added or dropped with notice to the office and teaching staff.

Is there a Dress Code?
Yes, the Academy has set rules for dance attire. Color is a personal preference but each dance subject has specific dancewear needed for that individual course.

Are private lessons available?
Yes there are private lessons available. Our professional staff is trained in all skills and genres of dance. All private lessons will be contingent upon the availability of the dance professional and the availability of studio space. All private lessons will need to be scheduled with the office staff.